I'm Mallory Gaile, a writer, a mother and an Autism advocate.  

I've been in love with the written word all my life.  My first favorite book was A Fly Went By by Dr. Seuss.  Like I would do to so many books in the future I read it until the cover fell off.  I don't believe that once you've read a book you're finished with it and  should give it to a friend.  Instead I think you should tell them what a good book it was, go get a copy, then put your copy on the shelf for future re-reading.  As a result there are books all over my house and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I wrote my first story in the eighth grade and while it wasn't a prize winner, it started a fire in my soul.  Since then I've written countless stories.  I've heard it said that writers are arrogant to assume someone wants to read words we put on blank paper.  I don't think it's arrogance at all.  I think most of us just have so many stories in our heads, we have to share them or burst.  

Thank you so much for sharing mine.